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North Korean Nuclear Tests – NZ Peace Foundation Letter to the NZ Foreign Minister

… any condemnatory or punitive actions against North Korea should be accompanied by constructive actions to reduce hostilities, build peace and lower the role of nuclear weapons within the region.


From the 2016 New Zealand Defence White Paper to a New Wellington Declaration?

New Zealand’s military re-alignment with the United States opens us to expectations that we would support the United States should major disputes or armed conflict build up between it and China (our biggest trading partner).


Cosmopolitan Public Conversations to Support Security Council re ISIS +?

“Diplomacy always has an important role to play if you ultimately want to find long-term solutions…” (Prime Minister John Key on Security Council role). Given the formidable list of difficult issues and recent cuts to ministry staff, how can the pool of expertise be extended?


NZ as Security Council Honest Broker – With (Convivial) Diplomatic Village Support

“How did New Zealand win 145 out of 193 votes for a UN Security Council seat? How can it network to make the most of the opportunity, even to create a permanent legacy?”


Cold War 5-Eyes Node or Global Broker? – NZ after Snowden

The Five Eyes electronic network co-opts members to support NSA-spying on citizens and governments everywhere. New Zealand could do much better by everyone in a globally-networked world by….


This is a spontaneous meeting space for Villagers - step onto the virtual Soap Box and share your top-of-brain notions and passions, opinions, knowledge or a story.
The brewing of ideas will help the whole Village to better understand itself and its possibilities.
It can also help generate everyday material and reality checks for academics and policymakers to collaborate in brokering robust solutions that the Villagers want.

The Soap Box

In the village where I become … because we are …

The missing conversations

Tribute to Larry Ross (1927-2012) - From a nuclear-free New Zealand to a nuclear-free world

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When down a hole, it is essential to distinguish a shovel from a ladder – one gets you out, one digs you in deeper. So too, with society’s opinion- and decision-makers. You are invited to nominate any of them for a Ladder or Shovel Award, explaining to fellow Villagers why they should endorse your Award.

Ladder and Shovel Awards

Ladder Award to Chandran Nair for exposing the folly of encouraging a billion Asians to consume like Americans…

Christchurch Post Earthquake Developmental Ladder Award Three: “Campus Central” in the Draft Central City Plan

Christchurch Post-Earthquake Developmental Ladder Award Two: The Science Alive Educational Trust

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Here the Antipodean Blogger draws on an eclectic mix of news and comment from around the world to clarify contexts which can support, or impede, people building local connections that enable them to better understand and (sustainably) fulfill their aspirations, both within their localities and in relation to the wider world beyond them.


From the 2016 New Zealand Defence White Paper to a New Wellington Declaration?

Cosmopolitan Public Conversations to Support Security Council re ISIS +?

NZ as Security Council Honest Broker – With (Convivial) Diplomatic Village Support

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"Whether you are a politician or a bureaucrat, a business person or an academic, you should be paying creative writers and artists to produce your content "
- Ross Himona


Feature Projects - See

The Unworthy Tree – a creative filmed story of a successful local development project

Trailer of “The Silent Connectors” – a film-based methodology for the local co-exploration of desirable futures

Christchurch's post-quake, bottom-up Peterborough Village project has some momentum.

Village Notices

Quotes to go with latest blog:

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.
- Rollo May

The key to community is the acceptance, in fact the celebration of our individual and cultural differences. It is also the key to world peace.
- M. Scott Peck